She Smiles Today

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and editorial. Photography & Direction by Joy Song. Photography by Milena Villalon. Cinematography by Daniel Obradovic. Production by 27km. Executive Producer is Mira Um. Models are Sebastian Sauve and Dimitrij Vysokolyan from Modelwerk, Clara Kampf, Chiara Bimbatti and Julia Wulf from Iconic Management. Make up by Maike Albeck. Styling by Caro Kiehl Grimm. Film Editor: David Gesslbauer.

A girl revisits her most cherished memory: once upon a time, there were her friends, laughter, and joy. To see the beauty in the little things, as fleeting as they may be, means to capture a moment, a picture, a slide. And so, for this little while, she seizes the day…if only she could relive it again, and again.

A fashion short turned visual poem, She Smiles Today spans both film & photography to celebrate our present and life’s tiniest moments… before it’s too late to have them be anything but a memory.

In collaboration with rising Spanish photographer, Milena Villalon and featuring renowned brands, Paloma Wool, and BODE NY (CFDA Emerging Designer 2019, Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation 2020), She Smiles Today reimagines the fashion film genre as an experimental, photo-essayist short film. And at its heart – a concept piece that flirts with time and memory.

Joy Song is a Berlin-based writer-director-photographer. Her background comes from film development, having worked in LA on projects at HBO, FilmNation Entertainment (Oscar-nominated Arrival, Under the Skin), and Sierra Affinity (Oscar-winning Spotlight).

Song’s works aim to cultural ideas about the human condition through explorations into psychology, philosophy and mortality. Her poetic style strives to demystify abstract topics while envisioning the commonplace in a new light. With her use of distinct imagery, Song’s critical and commercial works are often marked with the insightful and cinematic appeal.

Photography & Direction by Joy Song / / Instagram: @joyxsong
Photography by Milena Villalon / / Instagram: @milesdealmas
Cinematography by Daniel Obradovic / / Instagram: @danielobradovic

Production Company: 27km / / Instagram: @27km
Executive Producer: Mira Um / Instragram: @ummmmira

Model: Sebastian Sauve is at Modelwerk / Instagram: @sebastiansauve
Model: Dimitrij Vysokolyan is at Modelwerk / Instagram: @dimitrijvysokolyan
Model: Clara Kampf / Instagram: @claraeunoia
Model: Chiara Bimbatti is at Iconic Management / Instagram: @bimbacho_
Model: Julia Wulf is at Iconic Management / Instagram: @juleslw

Make up by Maike Albeck / Instagram: @maike_albeck
Styling by Caro Kiehl Grimm

Film Editor: David Gesslbauer / / Instagram: @davidgesslbauer


Men’s Wear: BODE NY
Women’s Wear: Paloma Wool
Women’s Wear: Babaa
Shoes: About Arianne
Accessories: Valet Studios