A KALTBLUT exclusive. Czech designer Jan Cerny together with Russian photographer Alexander Bel. created the provocative and social campaign for the new designer’s collection «Sherwood». Underage male prostitution in 90’s in freshly communist free Prague. As many as twelve clients per night, drugs as an illusory rescue, tons of money, and a loss of all ideals. The clothing pieces in collection “Sherwood” are broken the same way as a fractured soul of a young person who battles the alluring lights in dubious nightclubs, demolishing their personality and dreams. Deconstruction and the following reconnection in the new context is one of the main elements of the collection. The fragility of the youthful soul was hidden behind giant jackets and jeans. The collection is not supposed to judge or sell the general opinion; rather bring an attention and show a story that is more contemporary than ever before. Model is Gabriel P. @EXIT MODEL MANAGEMENT. 

AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood1_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood13_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood12_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood11_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood10_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood9_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood7_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood6_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood5_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood4_mini

Jan Cerny. Student of University of Thomas Bata in Zlin, Czech Republic. Designer, art director. His vision is simple: “I am not just designing a clothes. With my every new collection I design whole experience, impress, emotion, brand new world.”
Alexander Bel. is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Brno, Czech Republic. At the age of 22 Alexander moved from Russia to Czech Republic to study Art. You can recognize his works by saturated and dark colors (tones), playing with light and shade, gloomy atmosphere and real human emotions.
AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood14_mini AlexanderBel.JanCerny.Sherwood15_mini
Photographer. Alexander Bel.
Designer. Jan Cerny
MUAH | Assistants. Vivien Babicova, Kristyna Coufalova

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