Short Film: AS WE DIE! Direction by Jordi Estrada

KALTBLUT presents: AS WE DIE! A short film directed by Jordi Estrada. Photography by Albert Bada Leal. Produced by Agata Bert. Sound design by Kamikaze Estudi. Models are Aram Mujal + Paula Ayet. Make up by Belen Aguirre.


a dream. a nightmare. 

the last moments of a couple wrapped in memories and bewilderment, emptiness and tears. 

two souls dying together, before its own end.

Direction by Jordi Estrada / Instagram:
Photography by Albert Bada Leal / / Instagram:
Produced by Agata Bert / Instagram:
Sound design by Kamikaze Estudi /
Color grading by David Avecilla /
Make up by Belen Aguirre / Instagram:
featuring Aram Mujal + Paula Ayet