Short Film: shiv shares ‘The Love Interlude’

Singer-songwriter shiv shares ‘The Love Interlude’ visual EP shot in 16mm film. The independently-released project is out now via all available platforms. Watch the all-female created film here below.

The visual accompaniment to the recently released sophomore EP of the same name, ‘The Love Interlude’ short film is a storyboard encapsulating the four seasons through the journey of love. “I wanted to create a visual experience to expand on the concept of this EP. Each video portrays the aesthetic of the season of love, furthering the feeling that is highlighted musically,” the artist muses. “With each season and song comes a different feeling, a different lens to view love through. It was super important to me to have an all-female team for the recording of these visuals, given the skew in favour of men that is rampant throughout the music and film industry, It felt important for a female’s perspective on love to be brought to life by a team of women” The visuals were shot over four days in Normandy, France.

Honing her craft in delicate yet personal storytelling since the beginning of her career just over two years ago. Along with self-taught melodic production and understated yet refreshingly honest lyrics that immediately pull at the heart strings, the EP is another exploration into the young artist’s journey through life and love as she navigates the world on her own terms. 


Directed & Produced By Julia Grandperret
Shot by: Paloma Pineda
Camera Assistant: Micaela Albanese
Edited by Richard Guyot
Director of Photography: Paloma Pineda 1st Assistant Camera: Mica Albanese Film Development / Processing: Kafard Films Colorist: Marine Surblé
Hair & Makeup: Siobhan McClean
Styling: Siobhan McClean and Shaylyn Gilheaney
Choreography: Jessica McGovern & Siobhan McClean

Special and huge Thank You to Folkster, b.o.x Production, Léo Grandperret, Diego Forst, Le Normandy, Les Films du Periscope.