Show your white glasses cowboy

A KALTBLUT exclusive. The model is Lilas Danai. Photography and video by FX Pelissier. Chief-Operator is Johan Leclaire Bottarelli. Passionate about images, photos and drawings, Francois-Xavier Pelissier (FX Pelissier ) naturally turned to Penninghen, a school of design, graphic art and interior architecture in Paris.

After five years of training, with his master’s degree specializing in «graphic design» in hand, FX Pelissier founded his creative studio. He penetrates different worlds, in particular, that of luxury and beauty by ensuring the visual communication strategy and the creative direction of several brands and projects. FX Pelissier stands out for the originality of its vision and its creations.

For more than 15 years, FX Pelissier has created, launched and supported brands from different universes.

He was thus able to forge a solid reputation in the world of communication and visual creation by working for big names. FX Pelissier has always had the desire to anticipate trends and support projects thanks to its innovative ideas as well as its creative originality.

In parallel, FX Pelissier works on personal projects and deepens his passion especially for visual art by sharpening his eye day by day.

Photography by FX Pelissier / / Instagram: @fxpelissier
Model is Lilas Danai Instagram: @Lilas_dng

Video :
Director : FX Pelissier @fxPelissier
Chief-Operator : Johan Leclaire Bottarelli @Johanleclairebottarelli