Shy Guy Therapy by Joac

A KALTBLUT exclusive series. Photography by Joac. Model is Jordi Carol. “In between all this chaotic quarantine, I came to realize I was pretty unmotivated to work since this situation makes us question/fear the future and this has created a lot of anxiety in me. That’s why I decided to call my friend Jordi and organize these photos together, in which I also experimented on makeup and styling, besides being the photographer. I believe this felt like a therapy to me since it helped me clear my head and also unleash my creativity again.”

Photography by Joac @joac_
Model is Jordi Carol @sshy.guyy

“My name is Joaquin Saccone, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina but I live in Barcelona since 2016. I do a fashion photography inspired in young people free of stigmas. I always try to break the standards with non gender stylisms or queer models. I also feel inspired with the night scene and sexuality.”