Silvia Pavăl – Za sCOOLarZ

KALTBLUT presents: A collection designed by Silvia Paval, University of Arts Bucharest, coordinated by Ioana Sanda Avram. Za sCOOLarZ – a project about and with the Z Generation that aims to identify new human attitudes and the freshest and most subtle changes in our society. ”We are definitely passing through a change of paradigm and the ones that have been born after 1995 have an important word to say right now. A first sign would be their level of understanding and the relationship they developed with their predecessors; this can easily be defined as a relationship that raises a lot a question marks for them.”

Silvia Paval, recent graduate from the University of Arts is Bucharest, chose a sarcastic and subtle title for the bachelor collection – Za sCOOLarZ. This mix of words have their basis on the schoolers, but it got ironically changed with za (the wrongly spelled version of this word in Romanian), chool (from the English word school) with cool and with the consonant s and the letter (as a generic name or their generation).

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The Trigger – ”In my artistic process I got a very powerful memory that worked as a trigger for my future collection. It happened when I was 9 years old and I was watching a Pink Floyd concert together with my father – The wall.”

Years later, still remembering very accurately the lyrics of ”Another brick in the wall”, Silvia Paval decided to start an artistic journey, marked by graphic symbols, by a refreshed attitude related to the values taught in school and especially shaped by her own perspectives and experiences, aiming to discover the genuine Z Generation.

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Name/ Age – The entire collection is defined by different types of symbols and subtle messages, the most powerful one being ”Name/ Age”. Inspired by the fact that our lives stay under the question ”What is you name?/ What age are you?” and by the labels generated by these two aspects, Silvia Paval raises awareness about the true qualities of the Z-ers: their kindness, optimistic attitude, courage and their unique way of living their lives.

Other important symbols used in the collection are the mathematical symbols and the Greek laurels, reinterpreted with marijuana leaves.

”When it comes to the way the Z Generation gets dressed, we definitely must notice their attitude. We are not talking about what they wear, but about how they do it. For them, the brand has no real importance and every product can be valuable as long as it fulfills their daily needs.”

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Even though the clothes they get dressed with can make them stand out of the crowd, depending on their personal style, a major thing that has changed is obviously the way of mixing the pieces together. Most of the Z-ers wear their clothes nonchalantly and this is why Silvia Paval chose their generation as a study case for the bachelor thesis. And these teenagers really know how to wear their clothes, because for them it is more important that their look reflects their personality, rather than wearing what is trending right now.

You can find Za sCOOLarZ both on Facebook, Instagram / Snapchat @zascoolarz

Designer: Pavăl Silvia/ Instagram: @pavalsilvia
Photography by Dan Cristian Gocan/ Instagram: @dancristiangocan
Models are Roberto Niculescu/ Instagram: @robytheprincess, Sarah Saed/ Instagram: @m.o.z.a.r, Tilli Isabelle/ Instagram: @lbael, Alexa Dev/ Instagram: @alexadevv, Cosmin Blanariu/ Instagram: cosmin.blanariu
Make up by Claudiu Burcă/ Instagram: @claudiu.burca
Hair by Alex Șerban/ Instagram: @alexserbanpka