Simon​​ Skitch

Chain ​​by ​​Dover ​​Street ​​Market, Shorts ​​by ​​House ​​of ​​Dz

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Sylwia ​​Wozniak. Model is Simon​​ Skitch signed at​​ Established Models. Make up and hair by Toshinari​​ Kokubun. Styling by Dariusz​​Kowalski using Pheme, Adidas, Fila, House of Dz amongst others. 

Vintage​​ Red Sweat shirt​​ ​​@ ​​, Shorts​​ by ​​House​​ of​​ Dz

Top​​ stylist ​own, Jeans ​​Kings ​​of​​ Indigo, Socks I ​​AND ​​ME, Shoes ​​Garment ​​Project

Top​​ stylist own, Jeans ​​Kings ​​of​​ Indigo

Sunglasses​​ by ​​Finaly ​​& ​​Co. Hoodie​​ by Kings​​ of​​ Indigo, Vintage ​​80’s ​​Dungarees ​​@​​ Socks ​​by​​ I ​​AND​​ ME, Slippers ​​by ​​Adidas ​​Original

Football ​​top​​ by ​​Nike​​ @ ​​ Shorts ​​and​​ shoes​​ by ​​House ​​of​​ Dz Socks ​​by ​​I​​ AND​​ ME

Football ​​top ​​by ​​Nike​​@​​, Shorts ​​by​​ House​​ of ​​Dz

Hoodie​​ by​​ Pheme, Shorts ​​by ​​Adidas​​ 80’s​​ @​​, Socks ​​Fila, Shoes ​​House​​ of​​ Dz

Hoodie​ by​​ Pheme

Photography by Sylwia ​​Wozniak / Instagram

Styling by Dariusz​​ Kowalski / Instagram

Model:​​ Simon​​ Skitch sign at​​ Established Models / Instagram

Make up & Hair by Toshinari​​ Kokubun / Instagram

    Photographer ​​assistant:​​ Florentin​​ Stoica

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