Simon Cracker S/S25 – A Matter Of Principle

Unveiling at Milan Fashion Week, Simon Cracker’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection, “A Matter of Principle,” is a profound commentary on the modern socio-political landscape conveyed through the medium of fashion. This collection eschews overt political posturing in favour of metaphorical expression, tapping into critical thinking and contemporary discourse.

The essence of “A Matter of Principle” lies in its conceptual use of knots, both as a sartorial technique and as a symbol of complexity in communication and relationships. Inspired by Ronald D. Laing’s 1970 book Knots, the garments feature intricate knotting of fabrics, drawstrings, and laces, invoking unity and constraint.

Sculpted in four arresting hues—absolute black, artificial blue, acid green, and violet—the collection continues last season’s exploration of ‘wrong’ dyeing effects. Each piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to upcycling, incorporating deadstock and semi-assembled garments from the historic Italian sportswear label, Australian.

A noteworthy collaboration with Australia’s creative team has yielded a capsule of black and neon technical wear, seamlessly integrating with the main collection. This unconventional approach underscores the story and ethical stance of Simon Cracker, where upcycling transcends trends to embody a moral imperative.

Founded in 2010 by Simone Botte, an art director and stylist with a passion for forgotten garments and deadstock fabrics, Simon Cracker saw a transformative development in 2020 with the entry of Filippo L.M. Biraghi, an editor and fashion culture lecturer. The brand’s innovative and divergent perspective on fashion, valuing individuality over stereotypes, has since gained recognition, joining Altaroma and being featured in the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana official calendar since 2021.

The SS25 collection is a poignant dedication to the children who have suffered under rigid principles, reflecting Simon Cracker’s resolve to imbue clothing with stories and ethical values beyond mere aesthetics or price.

“Simon Cracker breaks the existing to give birth to the new, breathing life into forgotten fabrics and discarded garments,” says Botte. With its intricate knotting and striking palette, this collection is a visual and ethical manifesto, solidifying the brand’s place at the vanguard of thoughtful, responsible fashion.