Simon Koy: Philippines

Simon Koy is a photographer from Munich, focused on portrait and reportage. He has already created two photo books during his travels, where he makes pictures for his own personal portfolio and for different clients. The photographs from the Philippines where taken in December of 2014.

banaue_philippinen_simon koy_mini

banaue2_philippinen_simon koy_mini

banaue4_philippinen_simon koy_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy1_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy2_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy3_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy4_mini

“In the Philippines you see the contrast of the extreme city like Manila and beautiful islands and landscapes all around. In my opinion you should leave Manila very soon when you drive there, because it is too exhausting in all. But for photos it is very good there. The contrast of poor and rich, modern and old school is huge! So actually you can take pictures there at every corner.”

manila_philippinen_simon koy5_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy6_mini

manila_philippinen_simon koy7_mini

mindoro_philippinen_simon koy_mini

mindoro2_philippinen_simon koy_mini

mindoro3_philippinen_simon koy_mini

mindoro4_philippinen_simon koy_mini

You can purchase Simon’s portfolio as a Book over there.