sksksks: Queer Nightlife in Brooklyn

Photography by Matias Alvial. This collection of 35mm film photographs documents the many iterations of sksksks, a hyperpop rave series in Brooklyn, New York. The founder of the party, David Chan, also known as the DJ THELIMITDOESNOTEXIST, aims to create a safe space for queer, trans and nonbinary partygoers. In addition to providing face masks and ear plugs as a safety practice, sksksks offers fentanyl test kits and Narcan (naloxone) in efforts to protect the community given a recent rise in overdoses from laced drugs.

There’s a renewed sense of mutual care in nightlife… people find themselves looking out for the other, which allows for authentic community building.

Matías Alvial is a New York based multimedia artist, community organizer and activist, originally from Santiago, Chile. He explores themes of identity, human connection, gender and sexuality — with a recent interest on documenting the universality of the queer experience through film photography.

Party: sksksks. Instagram @sksksks_bk
Photography by Matias Alvial. Instagram @matialvial