SLAVA UKRAINI – Georgian designer of LEM brand Phridon Niguriani created a unique collection to support Ukraine

The global fashion community is calling to support Ukraine and be straight-out. The feedback from the industry players has been unprecedented. This bout Georgian ‘lion’, LEM avant-garde designer Phridon Niguriani speaks loud with his new collection about the heroic struggle of Ukrainian people.

Niguriani constantly took part in the Ukrainian Fashion Week, repeatedly demonstrating his pure love for Ukrainian culture and fashion. The LEM brand presents a collection full of bright colours that remind of the Ukrainian flag. The designer declared that he hopes to represent it on the Ukrainian Fashion Week catwalk in Kyiv soon when Ukraine wins.

The new collection is courageously called SLAVA UKRAINI (Glory to Ukraine). Creativity is a mix of emotions, colour and patterns: and, of course, patchwork is here. Among the primary decorative materials, the designer has chosen colourful sequins, glitter, spikes and lances (to underline the Ukrainian people’s strength, courage and unity.

‘My main aim was to show solidarity with Ukraine and their heroic struggle for freedom and independence’ – Phridon says.

Georgian concept brand LEM was founded in 2020. The word ‘lem’ stands for ‘lion’ in the ancient language of Svaneti, Georgia – one of the highest summits in Europe, which happens to be the homeland of the brand’s
founder, Phridon Niguriani. The designer has a very unusual background – he has built his career in the field of safety management and came to designing clothes by making some for himself first.

Models: Dudi Zirakashvili, Tako Kartvelishvili

Photographer: George Van de Kamp