SNAZZY by Dominika Jarczyńska

KALTBLUT presents: SNAZZY featuring  3_6_9 Fall / Winter 2018 by designer Katarzyna Glinka. Photography by Dominika Jarczyńska. Models are Jeremi Suliga and Kasandra Zawal. Make up and hair by Wiktoria Glinka. “The subject of collection is an idea of kitsch understood as art of happiness. I concentrated on emotions and feelings made by it. We are afraid of kitsch, we don’t want to have any common with it, but on the other hand kitsch is everywhere, we meet every day and it doesn’t matter if we want it or not. We can say that the kitsch art makes our grey life more colorful, with more sense of humor. Paradoxically being among kitsch can make us happy.” says Katarzyna Glinka

Photography by Dominika Jarczyńska / / Instagram: @jarczynskadominika

Model is Jeremi Suliga/ Instagram: @jerry_swimmer

Model is Kasandra Zawal / Instagram: @kasandrove

Make up and hair by Wiktoria Glinka


All the looks are made by Katarzyna Glinka under the name 3_6_9

Instagram: @3_6_9___
Facebook page: @369brand