#SneakersOfTheWeek: PHINOMEN

August 15th 2016 marks the launch of the brand new sneaker line: PHINOMEN! Innovation, luxurious interiors and phenomenal comfort for individualists of today – this is #myPHIMOMEN. A new high-class label that takes the cult shoe to a whole new level of quality and comfort. The sneakers from PHINOMEN combine innovative technologies and a perfect fit and grip with high-quality Italian craftsmanship. That’s right: “Italian craftsmanship”, as every detail of a PHINOMEN is guaranteed to have been “made in Italy”. We have one pair of sneakers to giveaway. Send an email to mschlutt@kaltblut-magazine.de to grab our own PHINOMEN sneakers.

The premiere model “PHIsion” is presented in classic black. Gold-colored accents in the leather and the decorative elements emphasize the high demands on quality and create a cool, valuable look. Every single detail was developed with the Italian workshop over the course of a two-year development period and comes from the region. From logos attached to the sole by hand as a clip, through to specially produced braided leather, PHINOMEN combines luxury for your feet with the highest quality standards.

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The label is founded by Philipp Puttkammer. The native Frisian discovered his liking for sneakers at an early age and particularly values exclusive models that have that certain something extra in terms of style and class. Philipp Puttkammer joins the family company, which has been an integral part of the sports items and sports fashion field for 40 years, in 2007. His particular interest lies in the mail-order business, which he successfully establishes over subsequent years. The company goes on to position many own brands and own products on the market.

Follow the brand:

www.phinomen.com and Facebook and Instagram

All photos by Hans Ripa