Social Isolation with MOLOKID

KALTBLUT exclusive taken from our June Digitalissue! Slater and Molokid team up together again, this time working with Londons hottest queer pin-up boy Austin Sugar. Molokid and Slater show the duality between cyber seduction, human observation and natural beauty, combining all elements to create this breathtaking series. Paying homage to our youth, while we wait patiently with a dial-up internet connection, homoerotic images slowly loading on our screens. Glitches or elements misplaced and or replaced with abstract elements, all while using windows 98 as our parents slept one room away. Wardrobe: HOMO London, Man Store, RUFSKIN, Moschino.

KALTBLUT: Hey Molokid, Tell us a little about yourself and the kind of artist you are. 

MOLOKID: Hey! I’m a 37-year-old collage artist and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a fascination for Pop Culture, Drag Queens, Pop music, Trash celebrities, Bizarre movies. Everything from life in plastic!

KALTBLUT: Now social isolation has become the new normal, talk us through a day in your COVID life?

MOLOKID: Precisely speaking of this structure and flexibility, I try that my days are not all the same. It is very easy to enter a loop where every day is the same and there are no differences between morning, noon, and night. This is why I try to balance the structured with the flexible of the day.

I am very lucky to be able to continue working. And that the work I do with collage I can do it from my home. But I do not allow this to consume all my day. I am looking for a variety of activities within the possibilities that I have.

At one point I find myself enjoying breakfast. Immediately afterwards I can work on some new series of collages and then, if the day allows it, enjoy a little sun. To then, end the day with physical activity. Thus, the variety of activities allows me not to feel so much the burden of isolation.

KALTBLUT: Have you used your work as escapism?

MOLOKID: Yes, yes, yes, yes I have. Like it or not, work is, was and will be for me a form of escapism. I really enjoy doing what I do, that is why I can spend hours and hours immersed in the new universe that I am creating. Thankfully, I don’t know if it’s because I’m more predisposed to create new pieces of art, or “more liberated” but I’m giving myself the opportunity to explore much more in collages.

KALTBLUT: Has there been any positives from COVID?

MOLOKID: Despite all the bad aspects that we may be experiencing because of this epidemic, over time, I was able to rescue positive points.

One of the first things I can think of is that I can spend a lot more time on artistic work than I do. But also, one of the positive aspects and I think that it is more enriching is that I was able to face many things that I had pending in my life. I also had the opportunity to value what I have. To be able to see how privileged we are in the place we occupy. And so we can also be more supportive of our community.

KALTBLUT: Are you working on any new projects.

Yes! Fortunately, many projects in which I did not have time to work, will have their time and place to be completed. For now, the workflow is very good.

I am also working on an exhibition that I hope can be done very soon.

KALTBLUT: If you could be a virus what would you do?

MOLOKID: I would like to be a type of virus that makes you dance when you listen to a pop song. And the dance would be nothing improvised. It would be a perfect choreography like Britney Spears or NSync.

I would also like to see something fabulous when they analyse my composition under a microscope. I would like to have a holographic layer that changes colour depending on the person I attack. Of course, it would be a harmless virus and could be attacked with a simple pill.

KALTBLUT: What was the last track you listened to?

MOLOKID: As I answer these questions I am listening to the new Charli XCX album, it is SO GOOD. A few days ago I was very obsessed with the new song by Kim Petras “Malibu” I love her, she is unique.

I am also giving myself the opportunity to listen to new bands and songs and I am finding many interesting things.

In a few days, the new album by Lady Gaga will be seeing the light and I can’t wait. I know it will be my new obsession! I can feel it.

KALTBLUT: What are you currently obsessed with?

MOLOKID:  Mmmmm … Currently, I think I’m obsessed with skincare routines.

I am also obsessed with the new music that is being released (I am a huge fan of music, it is a great and inspiring company). I’m also obsessed rewatching horror movies from the 1980s again.


Photography + Creative Direction: Karl Slater @slaterkarl
Artworks + Creative Direction: Molokid @molokid
Model: Austin Sugar @austin_sugarrr
Words: Karl Slater