Sologamia. Marriage to oneself and self-satisfaction

A KALTBLUT exclusive story about sologamia by Léa Bon. Marriage to oneself and self-satisfaction. Muse is Pavlína Trnka. Styling by ØTHERK¥N. Léa Bon 27, is a photographer, art director and current film student at ENERC Argentina, who through an androgynous gaze creates a new visual language, challenging forms and transgressing time she compose epic moments that confuse and persuade to the viewer, giving him a new knowledge in ways of being, dressing, thinking. We can find the beauty of the feminine gaze and the sinister of the masculine gaze, generating golden pieces as a result.

He made multiple exhibitions and his works can be acquired in Haimney, Barcelona and The Art Design project, USA.
Her work breaks with the stereotypes of traditional photography and goes beyond the human eye; is a fusion between art, fashion and humanity, evoking surrealism, expressionism and hyperrealism. Only from the dark can you see the light.
He currently teaches at ISEC & Fotodesign and his images were published in media such as DMAG, NUBILIS, DARK BEAUTY,, Flawless Magazine, INSTITUTE, CATALOGUE,, among others …

Photographer and creative direction by Léa Bon – L’BON @lbonphotographer
Muse is Pavlína Trnka @trnkapavlina
Styling by ØTHERK¥N @oth3rk1n