Son of Aphrodite by Molokid

Son of Aphrodite is a college series by graphic designer Molokid. Photography by Niebieski. The model is Tonn Martin.

“Molokid’s collection feels like a labyrinth. It’s a maze that one travels through, exploring different realms and various layers of art and the human state. The Argentinean graphic designer’s collection is so powerful it causes a feeling of uncertainty. It’s very aware of the things that make us human, our flesh, bones, muscles, and even the plants we consume that give us oxygen. It suggests this by constantly fragmenting and dividing bodies with graphics or graphing paper. It also denies the observer a full view of a body.” Read more HERE

Creative Direction and Collages by Molokid / @molokid
Ph: Niebieski / @niebieski
Model: Tonn Martin / @tonnmartin