Introducing SOROK – A collective art duo group that consists of a photographer Heejin Yang and an artist Seo. This project was under the theme [Saekdong-Korea] where the traditional multi-stripe called Saekdong a Korean traditional pattern was considered the key concept. Models are Eseo, Gyungjae Mun, Jiwoo Yeon. Makeup by Minho KIM. Hair by Chaewon YOON. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

“Saekdong has an ample amount of meaning to it. It means coexistence, harmony, and longevity. It has been used from the 1st century BC to the 7th century BC which is considered the Three Kingdoms period in Korean history. Five colours are based on the idea of the oriental five elements, but except for black, it is mainly used by adding purple to red, yellow, blue, and white.

The strikingly vivid colour combination was used for weddings, holidays, and shamanic rituals on happy and important days by the common folks. In the present era, Saekdong is a tradition that is still praised for its beauty, but at the same time, it is commonly used in very narrow subcultural items; cheap souvenirs, bedding, kites, New Year’s cards, etc. Saekdong is still clearly common these days, but they do not necessarily blend into our day-to-day life. It has been used symbolically without losing its symbolism. This can be seen as one of the cross-sections that reveals the compressed culture of Korea, which had to rapidly welcome the modern era.

But there is little negativity to this phenomenon. Before the authoritative thought process about which tradition to leave behind and what to inherit, it is crystal clear that Saekdong is ingrained into our modern lives. This means that even if its initial denotation faded, Saekdong is continuously used inertially.”

“Contrary to the difference in the meaning of the existing tradition versus the actual usage of it in modern days will not apply to the only story of Saekdong. Surely there are more. However, this project tried to use this intense colour harmony as its representative. In other words, Saekdong is the colour of an omnidirectional culture that penetrates Korea that will not be awkward for anyone to use in any era. Saekdong may be a very free-spirited Korean style that does not need to be luxurious. It does not need to boast that it is a unique Korean culture. It’s just Saekdong.

Photographer Yang’s focus was this; to reveal the current era’s sentiment through this project. Traditional Korean colours are not well-known even though they are closely incorporated into Korean life. Eye-level angling was a very important feature to him. Yang focused on showing the simple yet powerful Korean five multi-stripe colours. With this, Yang hopes that the viewer can greet the finished character within the angle. He also aimed to edit little as possible and show the original image well without going through extreme photo retouching.

Sorok plans to continue the journey to express what is truly Korean. We adore what tradition means to us and we have no intention of putting tradition up on a pedestal. We will continue to express the true Korea, which is full of vitality because the old and the present are intertwined together.”

Photography by Heejin Yang / Instagram:
model Eseo / Instagram: @eseommm
model Gyungjae Mun / Instagram: @im_supermoon
model Jiwoo Yeon/ Instagram: @wooyeonll
makeup artist (MUA) Minho KIM / Instagram: @fas_ci_nated
hair artist Chaewon YOON / Instagram: @lala_classica
translator Beth SJ /  Instagram: @sj.beth

Darcygom @darcygom / Bongsu Cho @cho_hwa_bak / seulgijumeoni @seulgijumeoni