Sound of the Week: Aisho Nakajima

Japan’s multidimensional uprising pop sensation Aisho Nakajima releases his new single ‘DLB’, out now via Avex Entertainment. The hip-hop, rap and hyperpop-inspired single is taken from many more of the upcoming songs throughout the year by the rising sensation. Coinciding with Aisho’s 25th birthday, the ‘DLB’ music video is out to be served, too. With ‘DLB’, an abbreviation of Daddy’s Little Bitch, Aisho shouts his emotion of purely craving for being “daddy’s” plaything. Speaking about the new single, Aisho explains: “There’s no deep meaning with DLB. I just wanted to have something we can dance to without any thoughts. Just pure joy with PC music-fused psychopathic beats.”

Directed by Matheus Katayama, the video for DLB sees Aisho making his way to a glamorous Chinese restaurant’s table and its gloomy kitchen where you find him not only being your sweet little boy.

In the video, I got caught by both my ‘DADDIES’. It appears I wasn’t as innocent as I made them believe. Each of them thought I was exclusively theirs. They decide to have a civilised dinner to discuss matters. One last supper. But what they didn’t expect was that I also had my own plans. This supper really was going to be the last one. At least for the ‘DADDIES’.

Ahead of its release, Aisho premiered his highly acclaimed performance of DLB at Red Bull Japan’s pop-up music event “Red Bull Tokyo Unlocked” where 30 other of Tokyo’s bubbling acts came along including the kinds of Awich and LICAXXX.

Rising Japanese pop artist Aisho Nakajima (aka Aisho) was born in Japan. He moved to Sydney, Australia and spent his teenage years and moved back to Tokyo, Japan and started to work on music.

Praised by a variety of cultural and fashion media including the kinds of VOGUE Japan, GQ Japan, Cosmopolitan Japan, NYLON Japan, i-D Japan and many more, the singer-songwriter shares his moody vibes through his raw, silky, soulful energy that will appeal to your emotions.


DLB is out now: