Sound Of The Week: avas

avas’ debut EP ‘data’ was born in her bedroom, yet designed to be played out in the club. The 22-year-old Chicago via Minneapolis-based Avelina DeCandia, known to her friends as Ava, has been meticulously constructing club-ready tracks and DJ tools over the past couple years while drifting to and from Minneapolis, Chicago, and Vancouver, BC. ‘data’ embraces the euphoria of club music, it beckons listeners to surrender to its immersive experience, best enjoyed amidst the throbbing bass and communal energy of a colossal sound system.

The journey that led Ava to create ‘data’ is one filled with passion, experimentation, and an unyielding drive for innovation. Each track within ‘data’ pulsates with a refined, stripped-down sound that looks toward the future, enveloped by resonant kick drums and dreamy soundscapes that evoke nostalgia for early “deconstructed club” music and its influences from jersey club, ballroom, trap, Chicago house, and techno.

In the making of ‘data’, Ava drew inspiration from her personal journeys, both geographical and emotional. Her transitions between cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Vancouver have lent a unique, multifaceted quality to her music, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of each locale. These cities, each with their distinct energy and musical landscapes, have converged in Ava’s work, creating a singular sound that is both fresh and familiar.

A significant aspect of ‘data’ is its collaborative spirit. The EP features collaborations from Auckland, NZ-based vocalist, producer, and club music visionary ‘jhl’ (Soul Feeder, Tabula Rasa) and Chicago-based experimental pop darling and frequent collaborator ‘plastic pet’ (Deskpop, Unseelie) who both lend their vocals and production to the mix. These collaborations transcend mere contributions, adding layers of depth and texture that enrich the overall composition of the EP.

As avas’ debut offering, ‘data’ is an embodiment of the unity and collaboration felt throughout electronic music that transcends geographical boundaries whether there be either thousands of miles or just a couple feet between. This sense of community in electronic music is not just about the beats and rhythms; it’s about the shared experience, the collective joy of movement, and the unspoken bond formed on the dance floor. ‘data’ captures this essence exquisitely, inviting listeners to not just hear the music, but to feel it, live it, and be part of it.

The EP is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a narrative of avas’ journey through sound and space, a testament to her growth as an artist and a celebration of the rich tapestry of influences that have shaped her music. From the throbbing basslines to the ethereal melodies, every element of ‘data’ is a reflection of avas’ dedication to her craft and her love for the transformative power of music. Whether you’re in the midst of a packed club or enjoying a quiet moment at home, ‘data’ promises an immersive, unforgettable sound experience.

Upcoming shows
June 28 trans pecos nyc
Aug 3 secret location chicago


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