Sound of the Week: David Blank

‘Standing In Line’ is the emotional journey taken by artist David Blank. For the Tania Feghali directed video, Blank undertook a 48-hour road-trip back to his roots – from Milan, where he lives, to the Italian village of Camerano – where he was born and raised, and which he left at the age of 15. In this intense journey, painful memories were revived. The fall from innocence, the loss of the past, of people and places once loved. A farewell is the last painful step towards reaching the other side: a rite of passage, leading to a newly conquered awareness. 

David Blank was born in music. His father, a Nigerian preacher in a small Italian town, introduced him to singing at the age of 5. In his church’s choir, the “Cherubim & Seraphim (Love Divine)”, David learned that music could bond people together like a family. Growing up a queer, black kid in a small Italian village, David could hardly find a sense of belonging.

At the age of 15, struggling to cope with the small-town mentality, he moved to London, where he found a new, chosen family with other kids in the quest for freedom and fulfilment. After London, Milan: new encounters, this time with musical producers, which lead to his first EP in Italian.

In that period, he drew the attention of Laura Pausini, who noticed him on a TV show. David accompanied the Italian star on several tours, performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. It is through all these experiences that David built his many nuances. Today, he is sharing them in a brand new project: an intimate EP, produced by ilromantico and FLUIDOSTUDIO.

Through the sounds of RnB, soul and afrobeat, David Blank explores universal feelings such as waiting and solitude, introspection, transformation, and evolution.

Stream/download ‘Standing In Line’ here:

Photos by Alessio Barchitta