Sound Of The Week: Edgar Homeros

Edgar Homeros – the 22 year old breakout artist from Stockholm releases his debut EP ‘Volatile’ – a diary of Edgars thoughts and musical expression. Written and produced by Edgar himself in a month in the same room where he started making music a couple of years ago. After getting praised by highly acclaimed tastemakers in Sweden with his debut single ‘Centerfolds’ he was chosen as P3 artist of the month (BBC equivalent), got a sync in a Netflix Series and been on heavy rotation on Swedish radio. The future is Edgar Homeros and this is only the beginning for this Swedish multi-talent. 

“Since I released my first songs I’ve been partly completely overwhelmed by the response and felt that I just wanted to release more. As a new artist with nothing in your discography you want to showcase everything on your first project – which resulted in ‘Volatile’ – the seven best songs I’ve written.”

In his songs Edgar combines the soulful music from his childhood idols, together with influences from his favourite contemporary artists, creating a collection of songs on “Volatile” – all diverse in genre and emotion, but at the same time surprisingly connected in some way.

New single ‘Won’t Wait’ comes with a music video, inspired by a scene from the film ‘Breathless’ created by Jean Luc Godard – one of the most prominent directors in the new wave from France.

The future is Edgar Homeros and this is only the beginning for the multi-talent from Stockholm.