Sound of the week: MIKEY

Photo by Tomas Eyzaguirre

An iconic figure in Berlin’s underground music scene and queer nightlife, MIKEY Woodbridge AKA MIKEY announced the release on their debut ‘Paths’ EP in April with a voice fusing the primal power of shamanic ritual with the astral soundscapes of visionary trans/trance pop. ‘Paths’ is set to be released this Friday 8th June, and in the lineage of paradigmatic artists like Prince and Björk, MIKEY’s music is both food for the speakers on the dance floor and a prophetic map for a generation that is hungry for transformation. 

‘Love Levitation’ came to me at a point where I was overcoming rejection, understanding who I was & learning to love myself. I wanted to inspire a sense a freedom within others where gender & sexuality don’t exist. To write your own rules & not be controlled by society’s toxic stigmas & what others might think.

Starting out as a solo acoustic act, MIKEY began honing their skills with a rigorous two years on the live circuits in Sydney. It was through these early intimate shows that audiences began to experience the enormity of MIKEY’s voice, a tender sphere that surrounds and enthrals its listeners. After leaving Australia, MIKEY spent time in New York and London where they encountered a community of queer nightlife creatures who awakened the courage for self-discovery that has since become a central theme of their music. In addition to their music sets, MIKEY began performing with Sink the Pink, creating unique looks that led to a design commission from Rihanna and multiple appearances in music videos and fashion magazines. They have since collaborated with Basement Jaxx and Depeche Mode.

With a move to Berlin in 2015, MIKEY. began to experience the spiritual metamorphosis that became the fundament of the songs on ‘Paths,’ which was produced by Jane Arnison. In the hypnotic synth and spiralling sci-fi frequencies of ‘Species’, MIKEY defines themself as a “genderless terrorist,” a being who transmutes into something alien creating as much desire as it does fear. The song begins in a warm, enveloping place that invokes a reclaiming of femme power before launching like a spaceship into the territory of yet-unnamed ways to love. MIKEY supported Hercules & Love Affair in Europe last year and will be back soon, starting with Torstraßen Festival in Berlin.

‘Paths’ is coming out June 8th, pre-order it here:


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