Sound of the Week: Auður

Intimacy and sexual experimentation form the backdrop to Icelandic producer/singer Auður’s new single “I’d love”. Drawing inspiration from magical realism, Birdman and Christopher Nolan, the self-directed one-shot video takes place in a dimly lit hotel room as Auður sings, dances and tastefully shows off his guitar playing skills. Auður battles supernatural elements in a visually jaw-dropping clip, fit for the unique eclectic soundscape of classical guitar, 808 bass and seductive vocals. 

Auðunn Lúthersson cut his teeth playing with Icelandic hardcore and noise-rock bands. After seeing James Blake at Sónar in 2013, he reinvented himself under the pseudonym AUÐUR (pronounced “Author”), switched over to electronic music and dropped his debut album, Alone, at the beginning of February. Alone is a slick and sensual take on R&B and explores the themes of isolation and longing.

During Iceland Airwaves AUÐUR offered festival-goers an exclusive pre-listen to the album in Pokémon GO style at a downtown square in Reykjavík. Over 4000 people hunted it down via their mobiles. No stranger to doing things his way, AUÐUR later filmed a visual version of the album in one take in a secluded room at an abandoned power plant on the outskirts of Reykjavík. The results were premiered and screened live from Harpa, the city’s world famous concert hall, and ran in a continuous loop for 24 hours to mark the beginning and end of Groundhog Day.

Auður has since been rewarded the best newcomer at the Icelandic music awards, writing music around Europe and been invited to do so in Japan as well.