South African heritage

“I’m currently in the last few months of my photographic studies. Im studying at the Market Photo Workshop in Joburg, South Africa. The story that Im sharing with you guys is an ongoing photo series that seeks to shed light on South African heritage. How the youth in South Africa are using they taste in fashion to pay homage to their heritage. I’m also interested in the role of marriage, patriarchy within African culture, and how these themes all come together to inform my generation of its history and how that knowledge can be used to create a better future. All images were shot on the polaroid one step plus camera.” says photographer Nqaba Shakes Mbolekwana about the story.

Photographer: Nqaba Shakes Mbolekwana
Instagram: @nqabashakesmbolekwana

Model: Buqaqawuli Thamani Nobakada
Signed to My Friend Ned Jozi
Instagram: @nda.lo