spæc2μ by Ojima

“spæc2μ” is a collaboration between the photographer Ojima, the fashion designer All Amin, the makeup artist Jean Michel, the model Slim Soledad, and 3D artist Gabriel Massan. The idea behind this project was to allow each professional to include their own aesthetic perspective in order to establish a horizontal and spontaneous workflow that would allow a patchwork to unfold all their individual choices. A fun experiment between artists without explicit intentions other than to create and explore.


Photographer is Ojima @ojima_____
Stylist is All Amin @haramwithsugar
3D Artist is Gabriel Massan @gabrielmassan
Model is Slim Soledad @slimsoledad
MuA by Jean Michel Battirola @jean.hmua
Photography assistant is Dan Outón @danouton

Upcycled designer pieces (all corsets, blue race dress, cowboy jumpsuit) by All Amin
vintage clothes and glasses provided by @junojunoshop