SPECIES Félicie Eymard – Hyères Festival 2020

Introducing accessories designer Félicie Eymard and her SPECIES collection, which will be presented at the Hyères Fashion Festival from October 15th 2020. SPECIES is a new kind of worn objects, thought as choreographies.

These 7 mixed (non-generated) accessories are designed for the human body in its most universal form, regardless of the physiognomy of each person. The design of each of these props was guided by the very idea of movement: the ritual of a new and spontaneous gesture.

www.felicieeymard.com // www.instagram.com/felicie_eymard

SPECIES is a family of open objects that each one can appropriate in its own way, based on modular instructions for use.

The typology of each object blends into the narrative form of its evolution, into the interaction, imagined for the body that wears it. The worn object is no longer inert and static: it unfolds, undulates, transforms, unravels and reinvents itself. It goes beyond its function, to become an intimate exchange with the body that wears it, that embraces it. It moves and moves.

The bag becomes a belt, the necklace becomes a visor, the bracelet metamorphoses into a fan… it is in this ephemeral ballet that the experience is apprehended.

These worn objects are hand-made in Paris, from upgraded leathers (out of stock, scraps…). They are made from smooth leather, without technology or metalwork: the raw and naked material acts alone. As if stripped bare, it gives way to the emptiness that surrounds it by rethinking the right proportion of the accessory in space.

Through SPECIES, I wish to offer other horizons to the objects we wear, to re-examine their status, and to bypass the rigidity of usage. To think of an accessory that can adapt to ever-changing lifestyles. To create objects that listen to the dynamics of the body and reconsider their traditional functions.
These accessories with multiple functions open up new possibilities in that they tend towards a different vision of the accessory that is part of the pleasure of metamorphosis and the amused exploration of possibilities.

“As a product designer by training (La Cambre in Brussels, The Royal College of Art in London), I learned to think the object around its function. Then I wished to dissect, strip, forget the function to keep only the gesture, the use. Having had the chance to work alongside Laurent Tijou at Jean-Paul Gaultier and Evelie Mouila at Maison Margiela, it was the jewel that first satisfied my desire for intimacy with the object. I then widened my field of research to include all worn objects, as long as they inspire and sublimate the notion of movement.”

Photos: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Mannequin femme: Marie Loridan
Mannequin homme: Jade Bayonne
MUA: Tina Piters
Styling: Iris Cartron & Louise Marcaud