Spherical Human by SANNA PATRICK

Introducing SANNA PATRICK, a young fashion brand founded in 2020, focusing on quality, responsibility and luxury, aiming to produce inheritable garments. Sanna and Patrick, who met in 2009, first established a personal relationship, which evolved into a marriage and three children, before starting to work together. 


Sanna studied fashion design at Reutlingen University, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Polimoda in Florence and worked for Cacharel in Paris, A.F. Vandevorst in Antwerp and Hugo Boss in Metzingen. During her studies, the idea came up to create a label together with her husband Patrick. He studied communication design at Merz Akademie Stuttgart and worked as a movie producer and art director.

Sanna‘s award-winning graduation collection from Polimoda was presented in several countries and published in your KALTBLUT Magazine, Vogue Italy and Portugal, Glamour, Vfiles New York and Not Just a Label among others.

This collection is themed around relationship, love and sexuality. The pandemic has shown us the importance of relationships. They are like a precious good we need to care for and protect.
The collection is inspired by the idea of the Spherical Human of Platon‘s Symposion, in which two people connect through love and become a whole. It is a phylosophy of human being, in which Aristophanes explaines that we used to be round beings with two heads, four arms and four legs. There were male-male, female-female and andogyn beings. These round beings were too perfect. Humans became too strong and powerful and wanted to defeat the gods. Therefore, the gods parted them into two pieces. In order to becomea whole – which is only possilbe for a short moment of time – we need to find our other half.
This theory explains why we fall in love, why we are longing for proximity, why we act out our sexuality and why different sexual tendencies excist.

The Spherical Humans create the new icon of SANNA PATRICK. These abstract designs are inspired by The Kiss from Constantin Brancusi – two human beings becoming one.

Photography by Elena Goi / Instagram: @elenagoi.photo
Models are Padani Kandagama / Instagram: @padaniiii
Luisa Krause / Instagram: @luisa.krause
Carl Schultz signed at Brodybookings / Instagram: @carlschultzofficial
Bela Hatlapatka / Instagram: @spicyginger161
Make up by Daniela Stein / www.daniela-stein.de / Instagram: @make.up.dna
and Sidar Ugurlu / Instagram: @beyoutiful_by_sidar

Fashion by Sanna Patrick @sanna.patrick