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Stigmata by Lucy Feng

Lucy Feng is a London-based visual artist, predominantly using a camera to create dark, otherworldly images that explore themes such as psychology, spirituality, human nature and taboo. The series focuses on concepts of worship and the disparity between that which we elevate and the manner in which we elevate it; we so frequently worship beautiful things in the most vulgar of fashions, with a focus on fleeting gratification, that so often contradicts the very essence of the person, the idea, or even the deity that we are elevating.

The series looks at the corrupting and debilitating effect that the transitory, selfish desires of the devoted have upon the subjects themselves; at first glance, the scenes are serene, suffused in sensual peach and crimson hues, but on closer inspection, we start to notice that the gods are deteriorating. Their hair is thinning, their red-rimmed eyes are bagged and empty. The euphoric expressions of the worshippers almost look carved onto their faces – empty beneath the mask. Their actions are violations, and they take a heavy toll.

Team Credits
Photographer I Artist Lucy Feng I @lucyyfengg I
Photography assistants Thea Lovering @thealovering_photography I
Camilla Eleonora Di Argento @camilladiargento I
Producer Margot Tiounine @ma.tiou
Production Assistant Nina Sever @ninasever I
Lead hair and makeup artist Emma Trachtenberg @simoneidalondon I
Assistant hair and makeup Jess Saywell @jesssaywellmuax I
Alice Jones @makeupbyalicemaria I

Image 6: Marcus St. Cyr @saintmarcus89
Image 1, 3, 6: Kim Zhang – –
Image 5: Astral Zoey @astralzoey
Image 2, 4, 6: Matilda Nixon @pigeonfather
(At CIEL MODELS) @cielmodelmanagement
Image 3, 4, 5, 6 Malik Ibheis @malikibheis
Image 2, 6 Billie Dellios @billiedellios
Image 4 Joss Carter @_josscarter_
Image 3, 4, 5, 6 Pola Ficek @crystalqueen666