Stories of Unconventional Lovers – Seasonless capsule collection by DÜSK Budapest

#LoversontheRun – DÜSK Budapest is a progressive Budapest based emerging fashion brand, which is working with urban design, futuristic solutions, and representing high-quality streetwear, focusing on men’s clothing and unisex design. DÜSK was founded by Dóra Hegedűs in 2016, and it was known as Dora Hegedus for three years among Hungarian fashion brands, however, since 2019, the brand has launched its collections under the name DÜSK.
DÜSK BUDAPEST brings you the 70s-80s urban vibe, rebel characters & genderless design from the Heart of Eastern Europe. FIRST CHOICE OF EVERYDAY ROCKSTARS.

Stealing, Cheating, Killing. Who said romance is dead?

(Tony Scott: True Romance)

The first collection under the name DÜSK was inspired by movies that tell stories about unconventional lovers.

In the history of cinema, more and more outlaw couples have appeared since 1967, the debut of Arthur Penn’s iconic gangster duo, Bonnie and Clyde. In the 90’s the genre lived its renaissance again when legendary directors like Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers), Tony Scott (True Romance) or David Lynch (Wild at Heart) were telling the stories of these outsiders of a “doomed generation”.

Stories of unconventional Lovers

The stories of broken hearts, the remarkable aesthetic of road movies and the atmosphere of the ’90s are uniting in the new collection of DÜSK. The extravagant shapes and surreal patterns of each garment of the collection were inspired by these iconic films, the world of rebellious rock stars and the 90s Eastern European techno and rave culture.

Since 2016, Dóra Hegedűs, designer of DÜSK, has been consciously building her Budapest based brand, which is primarily focused on male and unisex design.

Dóra has completed her master’s degree in Fashion- and textile design two years ago at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, before this she had studied with an Erasmus scholarship at the Menswear Design & Technology department of the London College of Fashion.

In addition to fashion, costume design is also strongly emphasized in her design portfolio: Dóra is constantly working as a costume design assistant or costume buyer for feature films.

However, since 2019, she has been focusing on her own work: with her team, she has redefined the design and identity of her brand and now on she is building a futuristic, genderless and high-end streetwear line under the name DÜSK.

DÜSK Budapest represented Hungary at the International Young Designers Contest this year. According to this opportunity, Dora had the chance to show her new collection Lovers on the Run in Kyiv supported by Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Design and Art Direction by Dora Hegedus / DÜSK Budapest
Photo: Wanda Martin
Models: Melinda @VM Models, Aron @WAM Models,
MUA: Barbara Keserű
Jewellery: Pussybling
Garments made by DÜSK Budapest