STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUMS by Benjamin Teske (2016)

Finally it’s there: the TV-Dramedy “Strawberry Bubblegums“ from our KALTBLUT POPissue opened the Filmfest Oldenburg on September 14th and the audience was thrilled. The poppy look and performance of the leading actors also convinced the jury and so the actor André M. Hennicke won the Seymour Cassel Award for Best Actor. I agree with this decision, because his comedic talent is unique.

The whole cast is great, Gloria Endres de Oliveira as Lucy recognizes that her mother (Jasmin Tabatabai) was a porn star named Vicky Venus and that she’s the result of a porn accident. The only guy who can help her is Udo Ochsenschwanz, an porn icon who stills works in the scene.

plakat_strawberry_bubblegumsThey travel through the North of Germany and visit several potential dads. Every man stands for another facet of the industry that changed so much since the internet is here.

The screenplay written by Cherokee Agnew investigated a lot in and about the contemporary porn business and the feminist porn maker Sadie Lune supported them.

It’s a great story captured in beautiful poppy pictures and is refined by a unbelievable catchy soundtrack written and composed by Gary Marlowe and Daniel Hoffknecht, but also Nadine Finsterbusch and Niia are featured.

And all those cute boys that appear…So you’re excited now? Then switch your TV on, because the channel NDR will finally show the debut of the young director.

It will be on air on November 3rd, 10 pm. If you miss it you gonna find it in the Mediathek (VoD) for a week. It’s totally worth it.


Screenplay: Cherokee Agnew

Director: Benjamin Teske

Cast: Gloria Endres de Oliveira, André M. Hennicke, Jasmin Tabatabai, Eva Nürnberg, David Schütter, Ronald Nitschke, Lars Rudolph, Michael Lott, Alice Dwyer, Sabin Tambrea, Max Mauff, Janna Horstmann, Lo Rivera, Felicitas Madl, Sadie Lune u.a.


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