Strawberry fields forever

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Gianella Paredes. Styling by Jennifer de los Mozos and Nohe Gallego Jewell. Make up by Anna Macias and Maria Serret. Models are Gabo Dos Santos, Nicholas Luca, Tamar Zondag and Maria Jose Guacarán. Fashion by Scotch & Soda, Nenette, Kling, Farah, Paco Gelma, Sandro, Cos, Liabel, Ohema Ohene, Dolce & Gabanna, Explorer, Uniqlo, Malababa, Giorgio Armani, Mood, Qaras.

“My name is Gianella Paredes Poblete, I am a Peruvian fashion designer and photographer. I grew up in Cusco, surrounded by nature and every weekend my family and I would drive through the mountains listening to The Beatles or some 60s-70s songs, which made me really interested in the hippie lifestyle and mentality of those years. I took these photos wanting to show this easy-going state of mind, filled with colours, freedom, friends and youthfulness.

Fashion for me was always a way to express myself, and I became really interested in the symbolism and meaning behind the garments we choose to wear, that is why as a fashion designer my culture has a huge influence in my work. Some pieces from my collection “Sentimiento Andino”, which were made with the help of weavers from the Peruvian Andes, are featuring in this editorial and I wanted to include them because they are colourful and joyful just like the inspiration for this editorial.
The title “Strawberry Fields Forever” is a song that captures the experimental essence of a time when musicians and artists were trying to break from the norm and try something completely different without restrictions, this is something I like to hold on to, especially now when facing the new challenges of the ever-changing world. Now when we seek freedom more than ever, we have the time and can allow ourselves to open our minds and find that freedom within.”

Photography by Gianella Paredes / Instagram: @giane6paredes
Styling by Jennifer de Los Mozos / Instagram: @jennmozos & Nohe Gallego Jewell / Instagram: @nohe.jewell
Make up by Anna Macias / Instagram: @annamacias.mua & Maria Serret / Instagram: @0miasmuah0
Models are Gabo Dos Santos / Instagram: @gabo2santoss ; Nicholas Luca / Instagram: @nicholas_luca ; Tamar Zondag / Instagram: @tamarzondag all signed at @twomanagementbarcelona and Maria Jose Guacarán / Instagram: @mariajoseguacaran