Strays – A short movie by Merlin Camozzi & Robert Nachman

In a sub-two-minute journey, STRAYS explores themes of longing, solitude, and the need for human connection. Shot across California, Oregon, and Washington, the film uses the open landscapes of the American West as a canvas for a journey into the landscape of human experience in a time of isolation.

Produced by Merlin Camozzi, Robert Nachman
Directed by Merlin Camozzi / @merlin_x_emrys
Director of Photography Robert Nachman / @robertnachman.dp
Editor Stephen Jangro / @stephanjangreu
Composer Josh Lucan
Color Neptune Post / @neptunepost

Kate Jayroe / @waterdisplacement42thattempt
Lila Gavares / @lil.gavares
Abi Nachman / @abi_nachman13
Claud Gilbert / @claudgilbert
Reno Camozzi / @renocamo
Reshma Gajjar / @reshmagajjar