Sub_Bar: A Playground for Sub frequencies and Haptic Art

With Sub_Bar, Eufonia launches a pioneering series of events taking place over several days in Germany (Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne) and Portugal (Lisbon, Porto), bringing together deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people experience music in the same way.

Deaf and hearing artists have been invited to create original works that work exclusively with sub-frequencies – more precisely, with frequencies between 30 and 150 Hz: Their compositions are played through a powerful subwoofer system that transforms the venue into a musical pressure room, providing a unique listening experience that activates the whole body.

The events consist of sub-works, live performances, haptic art installations and music production workshops specially designed with and for deaf people. The workshops will be simultaneously translated into sign language. Participating artists include Troi Lee (Deaf Rave), Christian Duka (Amoenus), Myles de Bastion (Cymaspace), John Farah (Neue Meister Music), Stefanie Egedy (Coisas Que Matam) and Atelier Francesco (Cocoon).

Eufonia is an interdisciplinary platform that explores the relationship between art, science, and culture through the medium of sound. They believe that curiosity, creativity, and dialogue are necessary for artistic, scientific, and social development. They explore the use of sound in various aspects of daily life and create unique and engaging opportunities for people to meet. In doing so, we are motivated by the beauty of sharing knowledge across geographic, academic, and cultural boundaries.

The next editions of Sub_Bar Germany will take place at the following dates and locations:
Berlin: 19 June, Crack Bellmer, 15:00 – 21:00
Leipzig: 22 – 23 June, SLUG Gallery and Hitness Club, 17:00-23:00
Cologne: 25 – 26 June, NIehler Freiheit, 15:00-22:00

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