Sukkubus – The Movie by Dave Ward

Part 2 of Sukkubus – A project by Dave Ward. A photographer from Dortmund, Germany. Dave just finished his BA in photography under the supervision of prof. Kai Jünemann. “It portrays men as victims of the art of seduction and oppression, shows them vulnerable in a society that tries to keep people quiet who do not conform to the middle-class version of white heterosexual masculinity. It’s a story told with some fashion aspects and a specific focus on jewellery and accessories. Blood, sweat and tears went into this project.”

A movie by Dave Ward / Instagram: @dvewrd
Styling by Bojan Radoja / Instagram: @b_o_j_a_n_r
Hair and Make Up by Alessandro Marino / Instagram: @maleallure
and by Sandra Nixdorf / Instagram: @sandra_nixdorf_
Photo/Video Assistance by Julia Carola Pohle / Instagram: @juliia.carola
and by Nadia Tariq / Instagram: @_nadiatariq
Assistance by Trine Hausmann / Instagram: @gotrinego
and by Leslie Barabasch / Instagram: @lesliebarabasch

Models are Raffael Ciric / Instagram: @the_raffy
Malcolm Fuchs signed at @lemanagement / Instagram: @kingkweku
Philipp Casu / Instagram: @casuphil
Bojan Radoja / Instagram: @b_o_j_a_n_r
Dave Ward / Instagram: @dvewrd

Brands used are:

Alan Crocetti @alancrocetti / Alexa Chung @alexachung / Asos Design @asos /
Bugatti @bugatti / Burton Menswear London @burton_menswear / DesignB @designb_london / Designers Remix @designersremix / Dickies @dickies / Fila @filaeurope /
Icon Brand @iconbrand / Jaded London @jadedldn / Mam @mam /
Martin Asbjorn @martinasbjorn / McNeal @mcneal_clothing /
Morris & Co x H&M @wmorrisandco @hm / Review @review / The Kooples @thekooples / Uncommon Souls @uncommon.souls / Versace @versace / Vibe and Carter @vibeandcarter / Zara @zara