Summer Balls

KALTBLUT presents Summer Balls. Written and Directed by Bryan Berrios. Starring Zach Fifer and Jose Carlo Baptista Leon. Music by Maye – My love. “Summer Balls is a visual poem told from the vantage of my young closeted self. It’s the awakening of my sexuality. With me as a voyeur and using antiquated metaphors of male beauty, the film is a satirical fantasy. These are visuals and thoughts that would excite my younger self.

I think that during these times we’re reflecting on many different things about ourselves, especially when it comes to our satisfaction and sexuality, during times where we can’t touch anyone. All we do is a daydream.” *Bryan Berrios 

Written and Directed by Bryan Berrios / @Berriosbryan
Zach Fifer / @Zachfife
Jose Carlo Baptista Leon / @Josecarlobaptista
Assistance / Crew
Jade Fernandez / @Jadetfernandez
Robert Gauldin / @Robertgauldin_
Voice Eury Fabian / @Euryfabian
Music  by Maye – My love / @Mayetogo

Bryan Berrios is a Venezuelan photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. His main interests are in exploring the most, organic, raw, and energetic forms of art through video, sound, and photography. He was raised in Venezuela and moved alone to New York City to escape from the corruption crisis that presently rules the country.
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