Sun Valley by Justin Anantawan

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Creative Direction by Justin Anantawan. These are photos of a street art exhibition by Sun Valley Art Collective (@artsunvalley), an organization in Kibera that was initiated by youth residents Wyclife Oluoch, Saviour Juma, and Wycliff Okoth. They engage youth in classes to teach them skills for a career in art. They also earn income from their sustainable art.

They write: “We created art made from beer cans, which was a cheaper solution for us … It allowed us to participate in the movement against pollution, which has been a major problem in Kibera … We have been teaching youth from our community techniques such as painting, cartoon making, carving, and metalwork, sharing the ideas with them and giving them a chance to express themselves …

However, this process has been slow because of a scarcity of resources …. Hopefully in the coming future we will be able to increase our membership.  Engaging more youth in the arts will help turn them away from drugs and crime.”

Photography and Creative Direction by Justin Anantawan / Instagram: @justin_anantawan

Art and Body Paint by:
Sun Valley Art Collective / Instagram: @artsunvalley
Saviour Juma / Instagram: @ceo_artsunvalley
Wyclife Oluoch / Instagram: @w.i.k.i.d.e
Wycliff Okoth / Instagram: @_awiko_

Models are:
Ajak Deng signed at Want Management @wantmanagement / Instagram: @ajakdengchol
Malek Agulet / Instagram: @a.g.u.l.e.t
Monyjok Deng signed at Skimmer Models Africa @skimmer_models_africa / Instagram: @k.h.a.k.i_w.i.n.e
Gabbie Nyieth signed at Enrole Models @enrolemodels / Instagram: @nyiethgabbie
Badhiel Lony / Instagram: @badhiel_
Gifty Deng signed at Skimmer Models Africa @skimmer_models_africa / Instagram: @denggifty