Sunset Reality

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Styling and fashion by Jonatan Fisher. Photography by Noa Dahan. Model is Natanel Roytblat. Hair & Make-Up by Hodaya Shilo.

Social abuse and bullying are social epidemics in the lives of many children and adolescents around the world. They are accompanied by experiences of being haunted, misunderstood, lost, broken and invisible by others. It is an experience of persecution and invasion of your safe area if only because of who you are. Growing up in such a reality leaves emotional scars, thoughts of escaping, hiding or developing a skill to “disappear”. Wall after wall. The same person disappears, leaving a “human shell” that tries to cry for help, but can not let the pain come out.

As a person who has been socially abused as a child, I feel a responsibility to create a dialogue around this painful topic. The collection I created refers to a person going through a psycho-psychological journey of growing up and overcoming painful and traumatic memories of the past.

I translated the memories into the textures I created in the textiles I use: scarred, puffy, shrunken, coiled and vulnerable. I decided to present the tension in situations between fragility and power, explored possibilities for changing familiar body boundaries and tried to reinvent human and sculptural proportions of a changing body in space.

Materials: rubber ropes, synthetic laces, tulle fabrics, synthetic fabrics, wool yarns
Techniques: Knitting (crochet), sublimation printing and digital printing, tufting, steam melting fabric, fleece, embroidery, wood construction.”

Styling and fashion by Jonatan Fisher
Hair & Make-Up by Hodaya Shilo
Photography by Noa Dahan
Model is Natanel Roytblat