Super Charlie Collection by Tatjana Ostojic

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Fashion collection and all garments by Tatjana Ostojic. Photography by Goran Popovski. Models are Ivana Krneta, Ornella NKeza. Makeup by Jovana Simovic. Art Direction by Tatjana Ostojic.

Tatjana Ostojic is a fashion designer born in Belgrade, Serbia based in Milan, Italy.

After developing her own label in Belgrade, including multiple awards for the Best Young Designer and a number of collections presented at Fashion Week, she moved to Milan to advance her career, specialising in fashion at postgraduate studies at Politecnico di Milano. In Italy she has been further developing her industry experience, working for big companies like Versace but simultaneously releasing collections for her own brand.

She creates a variety of womenswear & accessories, playing with the lush and nocturnal feminine look, taking inspiration from a variety of sources: brutalist architecture, comic books, science fiction, and technology. Her designs are based on minimalist yet complex modelling focused on geometry and the female form, with special attention to the use of colours and intricate weaving in the details.

“I like unconventional, forward-thinking ideas, but I prefer them applicable in real life. Fashion that stands out in a subtle way, with a bit of provocation.”

Fashion collection and all garments by Tatjana Ostojic / / Instagram @tatjana_ostojic
Art Direction by Tatjana Ostojic
Photography by Goran Popovski / Instagram @goranvpopovski
Models are Ivana Krneta / instagram @krneta / agency:
Ornella NKeza / instagram @ornykara / agency:
Makeup by Jovana Simovic / instagram @paintedbyjov