Sweet bird of youth

Introducing fashion brand Mr. Albarella. Photography by Miguel Cepero. Models are Santiago Joaquin, Tanatswa and Cristian Puntiverio. Styling by Veronica Ciarrocchi. Hair by Chrissy Hutton. Make up by Gina Parr. Lookbook photography by AnnaNygard. The designer is Gianmaria Albarella.

Mr. Albarella’s first collection exposes a commentary on toxic masculinity. Through these images, I want to transform the“heterosexual male cowboy into an object of homoerotic desire, characterizing the masculine physique through the playful use of fabrics, cut and print, which contrasts the frivolity of youth and Americana with the heteronormative ideology of what we think is deemed masculine.

Archetypes like a western cowboy, tribal tattoo and working-class are simultaneously subverted and ironically elevated.

Masculinity turns into accessories to express and celebrate the body. Case in point – the male bulge become a bag, the tribal tattoo becomes a belt.
Sexy is something that you can wear.

Photography by Miguel Cepero / miguelceperophotography.com / Instagram: @migs_photos
Set Design by Miguel Cepero / Instagram: @migs_photos
Models are Santiago Joaquin / signed at @revoltmodelagency / Instagram: @santiagojoaquin__
Tanatswa / Instagram: @tnatswa
Cristian Puntiverio / Instagram: @abitheavybutnice 
Styling by Veronica Ciarrocchi / Instagram: @veronicaa.c
Hair by Chrissy Hutton / Instagram: @chrissyhuttonhair
Make up by Gina Parr / www.ginaparrmakeup.com / Instagram: @ginaparr_makeup
Lookbook photography: AnnaNygard / Instagram: @annaanygard

Fashion Brand is Mr. Albarella / Instagram: @mr.albarella
The designer is Gianmaria Albarella / Instagram: @gmr.lbr

“I have always been fascinated by the idea of analysing the garment. This curiosity of understanding and deconstructing it increased much more as I was looking at my sister’s works in her tailor’s lab.
At the age of 8, I realised my first pattern and I made my first garment. From that moment, for the next 10 years, I worked at my sister tailor’s shop in Naples, South Italy.
At 18 years old I decided to leave everything and move to Milan where I attended the BA course in Fashion Design at NABA In Milan. After that, I moved to London where I had some jobs opportunity.
During the lockdown, I had so much time, and I spent it working on this collection (sweet bird of youth), and also I love gardenin and growing huge pumpkins and cherry tomatoes.” *Gianmaria Albarella