The fashion editorial SWIMMING is the cover story of our new digital issue: FIGHTERS! Photography by Oleksandr Mazur. The model is Katrin. Make up by Hait Margarita. Styling by Olga Chernyshova.

“Hello. My name is Alexander Mazur. I am a fashion photographer, originally from Ukraine.
I used to live in Kyiv, but as a result of the war, I was forced to return to my small town of Kamenskoye, where I was born and grew up until I was 20 years old. I walked a lot around my native city and visited places that reminded me of my childhood.

I passed by the pool, where I swam during my time at school. I wanted to go inside. There was a sign on the door stating that it is temporarily closed and it is not clear when it will reopen. My curiosity to know how much had changed led me to knock on the door and try to get in. To my delight, the guard opened the door. I told him that I swam in this pool when I was little and that I would very much like to see how much it had changed. I managed to negotiate and they let me inside. When I got inside, I saw that it was empty and shabby. It upset me a little but inspired me a lot. At this moment, I realized that I wanted to shoot in it. The image that came to my mind was in the likeness of an “amphibian human” – but more understandable to the viewer. I wanted to do something unusual, to convey the form, geometry, atmosphere and dramaturgy that was in my soul.”

Photography by Oleksandr Mazur www.alexandrmazur.com @mazur_sasha
Model is Katrin @hvzhnnomg @omgmodelmanagement
Make up by Hait Margarita @haitmargaritamuah
Stylist – Olga Chernyshova @oneblueberrynight
turtleneck – Mango
gloves – Accessories
jumpsuit – Reserved
swimsuit – Esmara
cap – b_mod_