Symbiosis of the I

Introducing designer Lara Brenke and her collection: Symbiosis of the I. Photography by Loreen Reschke. Make Up and Hair by Daniela Pulina. Models are Elise Steilen, Lene Wittkamp, Jessica Vall, Juan Bayani Geck, Marcos Akwasi signed at Spinmodelmanagement. Shoe Brand is Zalando.

“My name is Lara Brenke and I completed my bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the HAW Hamburg at the beginning of this year. My bachelor collection „Symbiosis of the I“ (original title: „Symbiose des Ichs“) is about the combination of clothing and character traits.
Clothing shapes our everyday appearance. But what does it reveal about the identity of the individual? Society is becoming increasingly pluralistic and diverse. Clothing acts as a medium in order not to be lost in the mass of the collective, or in order to be able to disappear in anonymity. With the choice of the outfit, we communicate with others and perceive others about the clothes.
Which part of our identity are we presenting at this moment and which character traits aren’t even noticed or hidden? We have different character traits that shape us and complete the individual person we are. However, with the clothes we wear in a moment, we usually only represent one of these qualities. We are constantly adjusting to our environment and our social roles.
Can we express several character traits visually in our clothes at the same time?
The whole collection is developed with the help of the 3D- fashion design software CLO and also visualized in the process. The aim of my work is to split up the diversity of an individual to show several character traits visually at the same time. Additionally, the collection should be an inspiration to reflect our own communication through clothes.”

Fashiondesign by Lara Brenke / Instagram:
Photography by Loreen Reschke / Instagram: @loreenreschke
Make Up and Hair by Daniela Pulina / Instagram: @daniela_pulina_mua
Models are Elise Steilen / Instagram: @elisangelic_ , Lene Wittkamp / Instagram: @lene.wittkamp , Jessica Vall / Instagram: @jessica.vl , Juan Bayani Geck / Instagram: @thatsthejuan , Marcos Akwasi / Instagram: @marcosacheampong signed at Spinmodelmanagement / Instagram: @spinmodelmanagement
Shoe Brand is Zalando