TĀLĀ’s Top 5

On a roll this summer, TĀLĀ shares her latest single ‘On Top’ out 19th September on her own label The Duchess Records. Finally breaking free from a recent all-encompassing heartbreak leading to cathartic summer singles like Bedtime and Stay Here In the Sun gaining support from tastemakers around the world, we now see the rising star embody self-empowerment, having her personal glow up moment. ‘On Top’ blends R&B with Brazilian samba elements adding smooth melodic vocals aiming to empower the listener and ultimately TĀLĀ herself. Co-produced with longtime friend Beat Butcha who recently featured on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s seminal no. 1 album Everything Is Love for the production of ‘Salud! This liberating release is another example of TĀLĀ’s creative ability. To celebrate the drop, TĀLĀ created a specially curated list of the sounds that shaped her.

Googoosh – ‘Hejrat’

“This one from Googoosh but anything from her really. Reminds me of my childhood as my dad would always play her music in the house. She was the Madonna of Iran, iconic pop star. I love this 70’s funk era out of Iran. There were so many amazing Persian Records from this time”

Radiohead – ‘Idioteque’


“I remember a music teacher at school playing this album and it blew my mind. I listened to this song on repeat. The sparseness and the drums along with the vocal melodies completely captured me from an early age.”

Fayrouz – ‘Ana La Habibi’ / فيروز – أنا لحبيبى

“Fairuz has one of my favourite voices. I love this song so much with the beautiful strings and the tone of her vocal. I also just love the Arabic scale in general and with a voice so beautiful the whole song is completely mesmerising.”

Buena Vista Social Club – ‘Chan Chan’

“I’m obsessed with Cuban jazz at the moment and Buena Vista social club is the only music that instantly makes me happy when I listen to it. I listen to it in my ears at the dentist and it puts me at ease! I just have to have it super Loud in my ears or playing round the house and it completely transports me somewhere else.”

A.R Rahman – ‘Andamaina Premarani’


“This is a track he composed for a film and I loved the video that went with it. A.R Rahman is one of my all-time favourite composers and a complete inspiration to me as a producer of music.”

‘On Top’ is out now via The Duchess Records


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