Talkshow by Petros Aronis

Introducing Kristof by Petros Aronis. A visual artist based in London and Athens, specialising in photography and filmmaking. His style is defined by concepts and his subjects, while the images often incorporate drama, sarcasm, and magical realism. Kristof was born in Athens. He is a composer and performer. Celebrating TALKSHOW, Kristof’s third album,  the duo came together to create this stand out editorial.

The inspiration for TALKSHOW came from a lyric of Lena Platonos from her iconic album Sun Masks: “we talk and we don’t understand each other…” It is a concept album and it is about a Talkshow that happens somewhere in Kristof’s mind, where the presenter and the interviewer is the same person. It’s a record for the voices that reside in his/our head…. About the things we see and do not talk about, about magical objects, about drama-queen situations, about the “old” who talk about the “old”, about anxiety disorders and about those of us that talk to ourselves and not about

Each image represents a song of the album. Petros visualised each song into a magical scenario that matches Kristof’s lyrics. The images portray Kristof as the talkshow host of his own mind. For this reason, Petros sought to use elements of surrealism and magical realism in order to bring into life Kristof’s subconscious mind. The images are inspired by the aesthetics of television programs during the 1970s and glam rock icons of the same decade.

Musician is Kristof
Instagram: @kristoflamp

Photographer & Art Director is Petros Aronis
Instagram: @petraronis

Make-up Artist is Constantinos Georgopoulos
Instagram: @constandinos_g

Album on Bandcamp