Tamara Malcher – one part sweet & two parts sour! An exhibition at Weserhalle

Tamara Malcher’s ongoing exhibition explores the ambiguity of women. The exhibition, titled “One Part Sweet & Two Parts Bitter,” offers a fascinating exploration of women’s subjects, delving into newfound ambiguity and revealing a surprising fusion of hiding and power.


till 20. August
Tuesday – Saturday, 14:00 – 18:00 Weserstraße 46, 12045 Berlin

In Malcher’s world, we encounter a surreal and sensual realm, filled with vibrant and liminal spaces. Within these spaces, flushed and full-bodied nude women engage in an array of activities, from dancing and playing to running. Traditionally, male artists have employed the female form as a symbol of beauty, passiveness, fertility, or helplessness, drawing inspiration from figures such as Ingres, Botticelli, and the Venus of Willendorf. However, Malcher’s artistic practice disrupts this lineage through its unabashed audacity.

Rather than conforming to the silent and still portrayal of women prevalent in 19th-century paintings, Malcher’s women are vibrant, active, and fully embodied. They defy the male gaze and exist solely for themselves, infused with energy and dynamism as they whirl and jump in their own right.

In her latest series, “One Part Sweet & Two Parts Bitter,” Malcher’s concept undergoes a striking evolution. This collection features fewer whole bodies compared to her previous works, opting instead for fragmented depictions. We see round bellies emerging over kneeling legs, eyes peeking through deep water, and hands emerging from a dense cluster of black chicken feathers. The repeated visual motifs throughout the series engage in a fluid conversation, giving rise to multiple interpretations. Notably, the same shape recurs, symbolizing leaves, feathers, hair, and flames across various works within the exhibition. “One Part Sweet & Two Parts Bitter” retains the confident contradictions present in Malcher’s earlier works while breaking free from the confines of art historical stereotypes. In doing so, the artist unveils a new layer of liberated female fantasy, embracing newfound freedom.

Tamara Malcher, born in 1995 in Recklinghausen, Germany, currently resides in Münster. Her artistic journey has included notable achievements, such as a recent solo show at Galerie Droste in Düsseldorf (2022), and participation in group exhibitions worldwide, including Albertz Benda (Los Angeles, New York, and Miami), The Hole NYC, Galerie Droste (Paris and Seoul), and Gallery Daniel Raphael (London). She is currently studying under the esteemed Professor Cornelius Völker as a Meisterstudentin at the Kunstakademie Münster.

For further information and a captivating exploration of the intersection between hiding and power, be sure to experience Tamara Malcher’s “One Part Sweet & Two Parts Bitter” exhibition.