Taphophobia by 
Daniel Paramio for Parallel Dimensions

The editorial ‘Taphophobia’ deals with the relationship between humans and their own waste. It visualizes metaphorically the question of how we could give new lives to used materials – an idea that  Spanish brand ‘Parallel Dimensions’ implements through the creation of pieces from worn garments and textile remains.

Daniel Paramio, photographer and designer based between Madrid and Milan, lets the model interact with different objects, playfully staged and observed through the use of uncommon angles. By blurring the borders between art and fashion, Paramio strives to transcend the concept of traditional fashion editorials.

‘Parallel Dimensions’ is an aggregation of form, co-action, and sound that aims to de-condition the eye and subvert previous impressions of thought. As mediums fuse, they compose a space for people to experience their immediate surroundings through a purified lens. The brand opposes the concept of contemporary fast fashion through the creation of unique pieces, reclaiming our daily methods of consumption.

In slowing down, looking closer and re-examining our understanding of the world, we can bring to light a rarefied expression of beauty that is more in line with nature, humanity and well-intentioned altruism

Design by
Parallel Dimensions
Instagam: @paralleldimensions

Photography by Daniel Paramio
Instagram: @daniel.paramio

Modelo is Nacho Feito
Instagram: @nachofeito

Assistans are Leticia Queipo
instagram: @transformismo
Clara García and Adriana Peraita.

Special thanks to Javier Muñoz & Marko Zednik (Casabanchel)