Tasty by Issa Tall feat. Valentin Seguin

A KALTBLUT exclusive. This project is all about life : food, colors and skin. Issa Tall saw years ago a cover of Wad Magazine with a model’s butt edited into real cake. And for years, he just kept thinking about that picture and I wanted to do something like it and magnify the human body with food. All Tall could think about was model Valentin Seguin for this one. His body didn’t need any editing, and he just did justice to everything that was on her mind : colorful, sexy and raw. Tall teamed up with set designer Andreas Giesen and make-up artist Miguel Vaio. 

“There is a thing in common every single person, young or old, white or black, male or female : it’s beauty. We as socialized persons maybe have standards about what it really means and sometime can’t even see it, but the moment you allow yourself to look at people without any judgement, the moment you allow those people to open up to you, then you’ll see that everyone carry beauty in their own way. Fashion photography allowed me to create this safe place between the people and myself, and I made it my duty to make people see what they carry through my art. I have been doing photography since I was 15, I still got the polaroid my father gifted to me for my 15th birthday. There, everything started. I felt in love in seeing people’s reaction once they see theirselves in this small piece of paper that came out into their faces and make them happy and radiant. Till this day, those reactions are still the main thing that is driving me and makes proud to do what I do.”

Model is Valentin Seguin – Instagram: @valentinseguin
Make-Up by Miguel Vaio – Instagram:@miguelvaio
Set-Design by  Andreas Giesen – Instagram: @Andreasgsn

Photographer is  Issa Tall – Instagram: @Issatall