Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast: Michael Michalsky

Part2 introducing German designer Michael Michalsky. The new Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast explores the exciting and multi-faceted stories of the nightlife’s protagonists. Gesine Kühne and Jakob Thoene meet DJs, club operators, bouncers, dancers and many other protagonists of the night. The Electronic Beats Podcast series is the perfect way to hear about the fascinating stories, debates and personalities that make the electronic music scene what it is today.

In the podcast Michael Michalsky describes his way from a child from the province to a city dweller. He speaks of wild parties and colorful looks in New York, London and Berlin – the connection between music and fashion and why the 80s inspire him to this day. He talks about the memorable time at Adidas and why it was hard for him to go to realize his long-standing dream of self-employment. In the podcast, he also tells why he would never design a coffin in life.