Textures by Michael Wittig

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & Concept by Michael Wittig. Models are Johanna Punz & Valentina Ilazi. Make Up by Evelyn Eggerstorfer. Hair Styling & Make Up by Sabin Bolognini & Sebastian Schönfeld. Fashion by Simon Barth, Julio Andres Escudero, Manufaktur Herzblut and Juergen Christian Hoerl.

“This editorial arose from the idea of ​​doing some fashion editorials that were inspired by the great Paolo Roversi without wanting to copy him – that’s not possible, You only can fail if you try to copy a great artist. I love the visual language of Roversi, his special art of lighting and his empathy, through which the people in front of his camera apparently feel comfortable enough to be themselves and to let go. Maybe that’s why I love Roversi’s work because it describes exactly why I love having people in front of my camera. I always try to let them be themselves and be as authentic as possible in order to create photographies together that tells of them and allow us to have a look inside them.

My most frequently used instruction at photo shoots could be: “pose less, be more”. That is the core of portrait photography and for me every shoot with people in front of the camera is a portrait shoot, regardless of whether it is fashion or advertising or whatever the goal is. The life and emotions of a recording do not create a perfect staging, but always the people in front of the lens (which in no way makes a good staging unimportant).

My series is called “Textures”. I am a German photographer who lives in Austria in the beautiful Salzkammergut and started taking photos in a world without digital photography. Photography was an analog craft for which you needed films that were then developed (by the way: how Paolo Roversi still normally works).

We live in a time when “retro” and “vintage” looks are very modern and I fully understand that. People love it when things tell a story. Stories are interesting when they have “edges and corners”, scars, patina, when they have a texture that tells their story. And the feel of a photograph depends heavily on its texture – the surface, the structure, the consistency … all of these creates the substance of the way a photograph makes you feel.

For this shooting I found two wonderful models full of grace and beauty and great artists to build a powerful team to create these lovely works with the inspiring creations of some amazing fashion designers. I am always fascinated and curious about what happens when working with special and exciting people.” *Michael Wittig

Photography & Concept by Michael Wittig / www.michael-wittig.com / Instagram: @michaelwittigphotography
Models are Johanna Punz & Valentina Ilazi signed at @innercirle_management /
Instagram: @vodkahilftnimmer @valentina.ilazi @dopedonut 
Make Up by Evelyn Eggerstorfer / Instagram: @vivien_noir.makeup
Hair Styling & Make Up by Sabin Bolognini & Sebastian Schönfeld / Instagram: @sabomakeup @sebastianschoenfeld_hair

Brands used are Simon Barth @simon_barth_couture / Julio Andres Escudero @_julioescudero / Manufaktur Herzblut @manufakturherzblut / Juergen Christian Hoerl @juergenchristianhoerlofficial