The beauty of humans

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Aura Skulskyte. Clothes by Oskaras Povilenas. Model is Gabija Sakinyte. Make up by Mari Muana.

“The beauty of humans in general is diversity. And I am trying to create beauty. All of the pieces I’ve ever created have been based on a sharp image of a woman’s character, including posture and the way she moves. The only aspects left blank are body shape, hair, and eye colour; those are of no importance. I think of how to reflect the obvious and the more subtle characteristics of this woman in my design. The former, along with posture and movement, influences mainly the decision for cut and fabric, while the latter ones have a huge impact on the details, which then directly reflect the sophistication of a woman. This is how I create an array of unique women; this is how I create beauty.!” *Oskaras Povilenas

Clothes by Oskaras Povilenas / / Instagram: @oskaraspovilenas
Photography by Aura Skulskyte / / Instagram: @skulskyte
Model is Gabija Sakinyte / Instagram: @gabijasa
Make up by Mari Muana / Instagram: @mari.muana